Strain Hunters Unintended Trail of Destruction in the Parvati Valley

This is a story about the dangers of reckless enthusiasm and careless reporting. The Strain Hunters project, instigated and financed by the Greenhouse coffee shop/seed bank in Amsterdam, has become massively popular with over twenty million online views of their documentaries, which travel the cannabis world with the intention of sourcing new genetics for their seed bank.

After filming their doc about the Parvati Valley in India they went on their merry way, no doubt congratulating themselves on a successful mission. The doc was released and made for great viewing, it wasn’t just pot heads that were watching though, the DEA loved it.

A team of at least ten agents was sent into the valley on an intelligence gathering mission. Malana has since been the target of frequent raids. Rashol has been raided three times this year. Many of the other villages in the valley have also been raided on numerous occasions. The old Italian baba that’d been living very quietly and peacefully in the mountains for the best part of thirty years was seized and deported back to Italy. Fields have disappeared, prices have risen, trust between locals and non-locals has been damaged and the underlying atmosphere of the valley has been permanently altered.

Such are the perils of carelessness and complacency. The Strain Hunters project is still going strong, lets just hope they’ve learnt their lesson.

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